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Residential Customers


“SolarSigmas helped design a solar energy system that fits my home and by budget.”

- Stanley Goodwin

”They helped my find financing I can afford and that actually saves me money on my energy bill.”

- Rosa Emillio

“The experts from SolarSigmas were so helpful in answering my questions. Now my home is fully-powered by solar-–and I have them to thank for my lower energy bill!”

- Erica Johnson

“I was worried it would be complicated, but SolarSigmas made sure the process was easy from start to finish!”

- Dolores Van Gorsh

“SolarSigmas helped me take advantage of tax incentives and rebates that helped bring down the cost of going solar for my home.”

- Robert Clements

”Friendly people who really know their stuff. Thanks to the team for getting my project up fast and on budget.”

- Ginnifer Harkens

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